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Our vision

Yuantai is committed to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading with industrial robot automation technology. We customize the overall solution of intelligent automatic equipment according to different demands of users, improve the core competitiveness of users, and help "made in China" move towards "made in China".


Corporate values




· adhere to the principles of openness, fairness, competition and excellence selection, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees.
· in terms of treatment, according to the principle of "efficiency first, give consideration to equity", a reasonable and equitable distribution method shall be implemented.
· motivate employees, attract talents, retain talents, and constantly enhance the driving force of enterprise development.

People-oriented reflects the respect of enterprises to employees! It makes employees closely associate their own interests with the interests of enterprises, reflects the value of employees, and enables employees to truly become the owners of enterprises.



· in the period of enterprise transformation, contradictions are diversified, diversified and changeable, so the deeper the reform, the better the communication and guidance work. Communication is to emancipate the mind and ideas, so that the integrity and friendship between staff and workers, harmonious coexistence, solidarity and mutual assistance, common development.
· integrity is the source of enhancing team cohesion, and team cohesion is an important symbol of enterprise vitality and vitality.
· the enterprise is honest and trustworthy to the outside world, and paying attention to customer service can form a huge attraction, so as to constantly win development and business opportunities, and its reputation will be constantly improved.

Integrity is a bridge for effective communication within and outside the enterprise.



· goal setting: the goal is the direction, and the goal can lead and motivate.
· process implementation: the process determines the result. To achieve a good result, the process experienced must be well grasped. The process reflects the pragmatic attitude of science and the ability to do things. In the process of implementation, we need to be proactive, proactive, responsible and solid.
· testing of results: results are the only criterion for testing the effectiveness of work. Each stage of work can be carried out in a solid and productive manner and lay a solid foundation for the next stage of work.

Adhere to the result oriented, the goal is the premise, the process is the key, the result is the fundamental, the three are interlinked, complementary.



· full participation: at the initial stage of decision-making, other relevant departments are often invited to participate in the decision-making process.
· open and honest: an open corporate culture allows representatives to discuss various issues.
· express affirmation: when you see that your employees are doing well, give them credit.



Technological innovation is an important means for the sustainable development of enterprises

· innovation is an eternal theme, without which there is no transcendence.
· rationalization proposal development can be said to be an important component of the innovation mechanism.
· corporate management sets an example and improves the incentive mechanism.