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Company Profile


Yuan-tech Automation is a professional design and manufacturing Automation enterprise. Yuan tai industrial automation systems and many industries comprehensive maintenance services, from product development to the implementation of industrial process automation system, to provide complete engineering solutions for the clients. The business scope includes automatic production equipment, special machines, logistics equipment, systems and other non-standard equipment in automobile, electronics, communication, semiconductor, household appliances and other industries, as well as industrial services. The company has a well-trained and rigorous staff team, the company has passed the establishment of ISO9001:2015 quality management system. The ISO9001:2015 international quality system established by us has been certified by the most authoritative Chinese quality certification center in China and recognized by many quality certification organizations around the world. Jiangsu provincial entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau record enterprises.

"Product excellence, continuous management improvement, customer satisfaction assured" has been our motto.

Main business scope of the company:

Non-standard automation equipment design and manufacture, professional fixture
Automation machinery parts, spare parts processing and manufacturing
ESD test access control automation system
Automation equipment covers all industries
Design and manufacture of non-standard equipment in automobile industry
Design and manufacture of non-standard equipment in electronic industry
Non-standard equipment design and manufacture in food industry; non-standard equipment design and manufacture in medical industry
Design and manufacture of other non-standard equipment required by customers
In particular, I have rich experience in designing and manufacturing equipment for auto parts

Geographical location and technical support

Company is located in suzhou industrial park in the south of suzhou graduate student city, suzhou city of graduate students in a beautiful environment of the east of dushu lake, graduate education, scientific research and new product research and development are the main body function. Company is located in the southeast of suzhou south university, southeast university graduate school of suzhou is a modern industrialization of achievement of scientific research, personnel training, etc for the integration of school-running entities, as well as research, open, international cutting-edge applied scientific research and innovation personnel training base. Of southeast university technology of wheel Force sensor (wheel Force Transducer, WFT) have begun to study, in the sensor installation forms, structure optimization, precision analysis and error compensation, decoupling of the component structure, such as multi-channel signal transmission and anti-jamming and sensor calibration and performance evaluation research has received preliminary results, leading carry in our country. Our company, together with southeast university, has applied the results in practice, and developed the actual testing equipment. The company factory is located in suzhou industrial park dushu lake high education area northeast corner of the east view industrial square.

From the technical level, set up a variety of strategic and technical cooperation way, integrate the advantage resources, the introduction of foreign novel technology, favorable to promote the rapid development of the enterprise, a strong technology and manufacturing strength, improve the r&d ability of team. Our team is able to independently for a variety of precision mechanical transmission system, automated assembly, electrical module, structure, module, man-machine interface, software systems, such as bar code to trace the application development and manufacturing, and combining with application of the robot, realizing unmanned workshop production process of the implementation of the project; On the automation in the field of research and development, rely on scientific and technological progress, to implement the company's leading strategic thinking, continuous improvement, continuous innovation, continuous learning, perfect service, perfect quality as the core concept of enterprise and the team, for manufacturing automation, flexibility and intelligence of enterprise customers improve assembly and quality management level, at the same time reduce the cost of customer production and management.

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